Thursday, 18 July 2013

Hoover Turbopower U2606

Hello and thank you for taking the time for visiting my blog, here we have an example of a vacuum cleaner that defined a generation of vacuum cleaners, with its sleek, modern looks and onboard tools this vacuum was one of Hoovers most popular and best selling models, it was also very with the times, of course it has to be the Hoover Turbopower U2602, I got this machine off eBay for only £5!!, it came with its extension wand and its crevice tool but apart from that it came with nothing, it did come with a half full bag of which I immediately discarded into the bin, it is in a sorry state really, it is very dusty both inside and out, the seller sold this to me because they claimed it wasn't picking anything up when all they had done was get some shredded cardboard and cigarette ends jammed down the hose and air channel blocking any of the suction from getting anywhere, anyway enough of me droning on, here are some pictures, I will show the unboxing and the first photo's from different angles, I will then show me stripping the machine down then me bathing and cleaning the machines then the motor strip and lube then the putting back together and polishing.

The box was really tall.

To think someone replaced one of these with a Bissell Power-force (sigh!!).

This model suffers from leaning syndrome. 
The rear of the cleaner as you can see it only has wand and crevice tool.
The cleaner head with a slight crack at the front. 
Some damage to the handle. 
The bag housing as you can see the bag door screw holders have come away from the screws causing the bag door to wobble about everywhere. 
The blockage to the hose I had about 20 cigarette butts over my floor disgusting.
The blockage again this time in the main cleaner head!!
Showing the underside of the cleaner also showing the damage to the sole plate.
The under side of the cover and by word is this thing dusty.
More dust!!
Showing the very dusty bellows. 
Showing the dust build up. 
Bag housing, again more bloody dust.
Hose caddy and wand holder underside. 
Where the caddy was oh the difference is astonishing. 
The rear again what a difference.
Dust Dust Dust.
Under that cover lies the bag light. 
To think all this dust and grime was under the motor.
Now after a tear down we're ready for a wash. 
Scrubbing away that dirt oh that must feel good after all those years.
All washed and waiting to dry.
While we wait for that to dry lets get to work on the motor.
It's fan is on good condition just dirty we will soon sort that out.
If this is what under the fan Im dreading to think what the bearings are like!!

The dust build up on this armature is appalling!! 
The dirt I got from the armature fan!!. 
Good lord.
Very dirty!!.
Dirt wrapped around the spindle and entering the bearing, yikes!!
Cleaning off the cooper wires using my dc33 it did a pretty good job.
Motor reassembly as you can see there is quite a difference in cleanliness  

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  1. Brilliant! Shame about the damage but it should clean up well enough! Top blog too, great read!