Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Hoover Turbomaster

so Ive been into the vintage hoovers for about  a year and a half now and all I have had is Turbopowers ,now they are really good but I needed a change, and here is that change, Im reluctantly going to dive into the little known foreign world that is know, Turbomaster, whether i will sink or swim, only time can tell, all that aside i won this off eBay for £16 so quite a bargain,  I believe this was the middle of the range of the Turbomasters the next up from this being the Turbomaster electronic with automatic cord rewind and variable power, (this was hoovers flagship model at the time), then in 1991 the Turbomaster freedom came out which then took the electronics place as the top of the line model but not for very long, in 1992 the turbopower 2's came out which replaced the turbopower and Turbomaster, the turbopower 1000 with permabag replacing the Turbomaster freedom, so you probably bored of me waffling on and want to see pictures well here they are 

so here is its box isn't half a fly mo lawn mower and the top half is a sebo k1 box iIpresume this is what the old owner replace this with as you will see this machine is very dusty 

                               as you can see it has the exact same motor as the turbopower 

                                very dusty                             

                                dust under the motor poor thing                               

                                good god this is very dusty it looks like the old owner has sucked up fire 
                                it doesn't smell at all like it would have originally done                                 

                                                                     Bath time