Monday, 13 May 2013

Hoover Turbopower Freedom

This is one of my favorite machines out of my whole collection, despite its drawback,s as well as being very aesthetically pleasing with the plastic with glittery flecks in it(i think its called metallic burgundy , it also looks very smart and modern even for today's standards in my opinion, this machine boasts an air freshener, bag check indicator, two speed motor, tools stored on board/on board hose, and of course Permabag its most distinguishing feature, the Permabag was meant to work efficiently, the dirt was meant to be blown into the bottom of the Permabag container and deposited at the bottom and then the clean air was to rise up through a wire mesh and then through a high density paper filter to trap fine dust particles, the air is then blown out through a grill on the front of the cleaner passing through an air freshener disk which freshened the air, on paper a good idea but when it came to actually using it, it was nothing like it was described, almost everything that was picked up blew strait onto the mesh and it clogged within a matter of minuets, as the air could not escape through the filter like it was supposed to it blew back out around the seal of the fill tube, thus depositing a layer of fine dust all over the inside of the permabag housing and generally all over the machine, emptying was a nightmare as you had to bang the filter as it was not washable, so that created a cloud of dust, even to get to the filter the operator would of had to take a dust covered mesh, and filter cover off, the bad stuff aside, this really is a fantastic cleaner to have in my collection and compliments my vintage Hoover collection very well indeed. 

Here is the high density paper filter it was a fairly decent filter, however due to the mesh which restricted airflow dramatically as the cleaner filled up             

                                Here is the filter cover with the wire mesh

And this is the inside of the grill where the filtered air is supposed to blow out and be freshened by the blue freshener disk

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